The Activist Heart: A Portriat of Ocean Robbins co-founder of Youth for Environmental Sanity (YES!)

Ocean Robbins In this broadcast of Healing Times Radio I am pleased to introduce you to one of the folks whose work is making a real difference in the world, and who is dedicated to helping others discover how they can make a difference as well. In a world where the new mantra seems to be “we’re all screwed now,” such voices as those of Ocean Robbins are sorely needed. He’s the founder and director of YES!, an organization dedicated to “helping visionary young leaders build a better world.”

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On the show you’ll learn what inspired that seven year old boy who organized a peace rally in his elementary school in Santa Cruz, California, who at the age of ten opened Ocean’s Natural Bakery where he served as baker, salesman, and accountant to hundreds of customers in his neighborhood. We’ll learn about how his relationship with his father, John Robbins (author of the bestselling book “Diets For A New America”) inspired him, and helped him discover the extraordinary power of acceptance and how it inspires the work of YES! (Youth for Environmental Sanity) which is bringing together youth leaders from around the world creating a network that truly contains the seeds for global transformation.

We’ll also take a look at the cutting edge of Ocean’s current work – what’s growing within him now – the importance of political diversity – changing our political conversation from one of toxic polarity to one of inclusiveness – and how the acceptance, respect, and appreciation for the political views of others can create a new world for us all. He will share with us how he approaches the challenges of his two special needs twin boys and even a bit about his father’s new book, “The New Good Life – Living Even Better In A New Age of Less,” which he headed and has just been released.

As the Chinese said, if you’re thinking a year ahead, sow seed. If you are thinking ten years ahead, plant a tree. If you’re thinking one-hundred years ahead, educate the people. Ocean Robbins has much to teach us about how to do this.


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