Deep Healing: The Essence of Mind/Body Medicine weekend workshop Feb 4-6, 2011

“At our essence is a divine ‘Knower,’” says Emmett Miller, “an inner healer and guide. Invalidated and injured by trauma, stress, and neglect, this abused spirit retreats, depriving us of its wisdom and healing. Separated from this spirit, something in us hungers and, unfed, grows weaker, shrivels, and may even die. At every level—personal, family, community, cultural, and planetary—this spirit has been wounded deeply, and is st…ill being wounded. The result: stress, illness, violence, and dysfunction, visible everywhere.”

Emmett Miller’s goal is to go past the symptoms to the source to reconnect with the spirit, the vital force of love, life, wholeness, and healing. In this workshop, he guides participants in awakening the healer within, both personally and as a community of beings on a small planet. The workshop focuses on:

• Letting go of stress, relaxing deeply, and entering the Healing State

• Exploring how beliefs and images become physical and behavioral events (symptoms)

• Allowing the inner healer to channel thoughts, developing beliefs and images that lead to wellness and peak performance

• Learning tools for integrity of thoughts, feelings, and behavior

• The direct experience of joyful self-awareness, healing, and peace

The workshop features hands-on experience, deep relaxation, imagery and movement, group discussion, and lecture. It is designed for professionals and lay persons, beginners and experts alike.

Recommended reading: Articles and excerpts at ; Miller, Deep Healing: The Essence of Mind/Body Medicine.

CEUs available for MFTs and LCSWs.

CEUs available for bodyworkers.

CEUs available for nurses.

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About the Workshop:
February 4-6, 2011
Esalen Institute

Big Sur, CA ( )
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About Esalen Institute

Esalen. The word itself summons up tantalizing visions of adventure, of unexplored frontiers, of human possibilities yet to be realized. There is the wonder of the place itself, 120 acres of fertile land carved out between mountain and ocean, blessed by a cascading canyon stream and hot mineral springs gushing out of a seaside cliff. There is the delicate and subtle Big Sur air of a late afternoon in May, the midnight mist of July, the drenching February rain. There are October nights so clear the Milky Way can light your walk along the darkened garden path. And always there is the sound of the sea.

And then there are the people—the people who live there and love the land, and the 300,000 more who have come from all over the world to participate in Esalen’s forty-year-long Olympics of the body, mind, and spirit, committing themselves not so much to “stronger, faster, higher” as to deeper, richer, more enduring.

They come for the intellectual freedom to consider systems of thought and feeling that lie beyond the current constraints of mainstream academia. They come to discover ancient wisdom in the motion of the body, poetry in the pulsing of the blood. They come to rediscover the miracle of self-aware consciousness. At best, they come away inspired by the precision of a desire to learn and keep on learning through all of life, and beyond.

Esalen is a place with a global reach. It is a place, as Thomas Wolfe said about America, where miracles not only happen, but where they happen all the time.

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This song was performed at Session 1 of Healing Yourself Is Healing the Planet, Seven Steps to Personal and Community Transformation.  To find out more and to REGISTER for Sessions 2 & 3 visit

This is an excerpt from Dr. Millers Workshop/Lecture Series, Healing Yourself Is Healing the Planet, Seven Steps to Personal and Community Transformation.

To find out more and to REGISTER for the event visit

The Dark Force and New Leadership (video excerpt)

This video is an excerpt from Dr. Miller’s Workshop/Lecture Series, Healing Yourself Is Healing the Planet, Seven Steps to Personal and Community Transformation.  To find out more and to register for Sessions 2 & 3 visit .

I hope this finds you enjoying this marvelous Spring weather. Looking back at the Healing Yourself Is Healing Our Planet event on March 11, I would like to share some of my reflections with you.

A Quick Taste

Here is a taste of the presentation: “ Out Of The Box Compassion – Transformational Thinking

And here is a bit of the Music, Michael’s song, “ Who Knows ”:

Our Community

There were some extraordinary people present on March 11, and a number who had to miss this session, but plan to be at the next. Among these are my colleague Marilyn King, the former Olympian athlete, who will share some thoughts on the leadership program we are preparing, and an exciting Peace Day event you will want to know about.

To listen to the podcast of Session 1 for review (or to catch up if you missed Session 1) CLICK HERE.

As some may recall, the failure of the projector was a technical glitch at the start threw my timing off, resulting in too little time to interact, as was planned. I assure you this will be remedied at our April 8 meeting, which will involve much more conversation.

Further Study and Experiences

I am offering two audio experiences that I think you will enjoy (you can download them from just ). These recordings will help to deepen and broaden the experiences we initiated on March 11 th – each is less than an hour, but guaranteed to be fascinating and to help affirm and expand your consciousness.

• The first is an interview with Jeremy Rifkin, whose belief is that the future of civilization relies on our ability to function empathically and to bring about global convergence of new energy revolutions with new revolutions and communications.

• The second podcast is an interview with Daniel Pink, author of A Whole New Mind and Drive. He makes the point that a whole new era of right brain skills being more crucial and what truly motivates human behavior. He discusses what he’s found out and how it applies to business, education, and to our individual lives. He will discuss the surprising truth about what motivates us.

For additional experiences and learning, I suggest, for presence and acceptance, the programs “ I Am ” and “ The Serenity Prayer. ” For a set of experiences that will complement the entire 3 sessions, I recommend “Awakening the Leader Within,” or the OCOTC Suite which includes Our Culture on the Couch, Seven Steps to Global Healing, Awakening the Leader Within and Healing Our Planet.

And for those that like good reading, here are some additional references.

Although these workshops are designed to build on each other, I will begin Session 2 with a brief review of the principles from our first, so please feel free to invite others you think might be interested by forwarding this letter, and/or sharing a link to my blog post Review Session 1: Healing Yourself Is Healing the Planet – Diagnosis, Presence, and Acceptance.

If you have any trouble viewing any of the links please contact [email protected]

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