Healing Through Gardening

One excellent way to “Think Globally, Act Locally” is through the remarkable benefits to you and your community of a few hours a week gardening. I will get to the gardening, but first, with your permission, a little story.

A few days ago, returning from San Miguel de Allende, I paused at one of the magazine stands in the airport. It seemed other cover story complained of the sad state of our planet. But few offered any suggestions as to what we could do about it other than enjoy the royal wedding. I think that we actually can do something about it.

If we truly wish to survive the global collapse that has already begun, we must, as Gandhi said, think globally, act locally.

In my most recent book , I explored the various symptoms we see throughout our culture, and how the prognosis is dire indeed – unless we choose to change. The truth of my main points is even more obvious now: we must recognize on an individual, as well as a national and culture-wide basis, that we need to connect not only with people locally but also with our local environment , and realize we are all in this together.

How To Think Globally

Thinking globally quickly reveals to us that — if we wish to sustain any semblance of our accustomed lifestyles — we must put real energy into creating local community (in addition to the distributed communities we are developing online). That includes establishing a different relationship to our local environment. One thing we can do is to begin buying locally and eating locally – as the “New World Order” collapses we will have to depend our local support system – the big corporations won’t be here to support us, but our local farmers will, if they have not gone out of business

Acting Locally

One of the most valuable ways to do this is to grow your own garden.

During the two World Wars of the last century, we acted locally by growing so-called “Victory Gardens” or “War Gardens.” These gardens helped significantly, providing sustenance for millions by reducing pressure on the public food supply that was brought on by the global war effort. Perhaps our gardens can save us again.

An important step in the Treatment Plan to make things better globally would be for more of us to start growing a garden locally. Now.

Why? I’m glad you asked.

One reason might be the fact that so many more people are doing it, and that the global food price index at an all-time high – and going up, and there are food riots throughout the world. In 2009, 38 percent of the people in the U.S. (41 million households) planted a vegetable garden. An American Gardening Association survey showed a 19 percent increase from 2008 to 2009 in new hobby country farms and urban edible gardens.

Why Grow A Garden?

My Garden

The main reason most people gave for increasing or maintaining edible gardening last year was to supplement household food supply — to help save money on food. And if “locally grown” is important to you, there is nothing more local than food grown in your own backyards, windowsills, or patio containers.

Furthermore, if eating in a healthy and organic way is important to you, growing your own fruits and vegetables means that you know exactly what does and does not go into your food and exactly where it comes from.

Growing your own will make you healthier because not only will you eat more fruits and vegetables (let’s face it, few of us eat as many of these as we should), you will be getting the best kind of exercise, the green kind. Studies show that in 45 minutes of gardening, you can burn as many calories as in 30 minutes of aerobics.

What’s more, diverting your mind to the nurturing of life reduces stress and will make you more creative when you do go back the challenges in your life.

And if you have kids or grand kids, you have a green opportunity to help them make the fascinating discovery that their food actually does not come from the supermarket but from Mother Earth. What better way for them to learn how important it is to protect her?

Even if you are in a city, you can build a raised garden bed and get your garden started!

To learn more about how you can support a sustainable food system, check out the article “ Healthier Food for the New Year “.

For an experiential program specifically to help you develop a holistic perspective and positive motivation towards global healing, check out Healing Our Planet and Deep Healing the Universe .

Shine On!

A Warm Winter’s Meditation on Gratitude

For many of us, the world moves along so quickly, and the endless stream of appointments, phone calls, emails, and other Things That Need To Be Done Next continually distracts us from the all important step of positive feedback. The nature of our world is such that many decisions need to be made by the unconscious levels of the mind.

Unless we create a clear, compelling image of the way we want to be and the life we want to create, that part of us may head in the wrong direction. And with so many negative messages (eg, economic woes, climate change, illness, pollution, politics), it is easy to lose our way and succumb to the toxicity of stress and depression.

Actually, there are many more positives within than negatives, and here is a way to make these known to your faithful unconscious mind – to really assume leadership in your life – by touching the positive experiences of the recent past and connecting them to the deepest level of your being. In this way you are setting your compass – and empowering the behaviors and experiences you want more of in your life.

So find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for ten minutes and recharge!


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Middle Way Health Experience a stimulating conversation between myself and Mary Claybon on her show Middle Way Health on BlogTalkRadio.com

What is Middle Way Health?

Mary Claybon has a passion for health, healing and holistic wellness. She also has a passion for life and living it to the fullest. With over 35 years as a nurse, health educator and wellness coach, Mary offers stimulating conversation about a variety of topics that promote health to individuals, groups, and businesses . Her guests are best selling authors, speakers, and interesting people from all over the globe. Grab a cup of tea or your favorite beverage and join the conversation. Hopefully you will be a little more enlightened at the end of the show. Visit Mary’s website www.themiddlewayhealth.com and sign up for her free newsletter to stay in touch.

In this show ‘Global Healing with Emmett Miller MD, Our Culture on the Couch,’ Mary and I discuss the Seven Steps to Global Healing, how to awaken the the leader within and transform our lives and our world. I hope you enjoy!

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Ask Dr. Miller: Why Balance Emotions?

August 18, 2010 by EMiller
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Ask Dr. Miller: Dealing with Stress in the World Today

What is the difference between type 1 and type 2 stress?  In this podcast I explain the difference, give examples of each and provide simple ways (affirmations) to quickly release stress and enter a relaxed state of mind, body and spirit.

This audio excerpt is from my program Stress Fitness Volume 1. Please visit my online store at ShopDrMiller.com for more information about this and my other audio programs.

Green Exercise Heals the Mind

Exercising, even for just five minutes, in a “green space,” such as a park or trail, can boost your mental health, according to researchers in the U.K . 1

They looked at evidence from 1,250 people in 10 studies and found significant improvements in mood and self-esteem after just minutes of such activities as walking, gardening, cycling, fishing, boating, horse riding and farming. In each study, mood and self-esteem were measured using two widely accepted assessment scales. All types of green exercise led to improvements in mental health indicators.

Most surprising was that the largest effect was seen within five minutes! After that, increased green exercise continued to add benefit but with decreasing returns.

The health changes – physical and mental – were particularly dramatic in the young and the mentally ill. Interestingly, an even greater effect was observed when the activity took place in an area near water, such as a lake or river.

Study leader Jules Pretty, a researcher at the University of Essex, said those who were generally inactive, stressed, and/or mentally ill would probably benefit the most from “green exercise. Employers, for example, could encourage staff in stressful workplaces to take a short walk at lunchtime in the nearest park to improve mental health.” He also said exercise programs outdoors could benefit youth offenders.

Once again, we have solid evidence that even a short period of green exercise can provide a low cost and drug-free therapy to help improve mental wellbeing. Anyone experiencing depression should be certain to add this kind of activity to whatever treatment or self-help regimen they have chosen.

Other powerful tools for helping to heal from depression, sadness and grief are presented on “ Escape from Depression, ” a two CD program for learning how to use your mind, meditation, imagery, autosuggestion and affirmations to speed your recovery.

For a set of effective imagery tools for dealing with loss of any kind, “ Accepting Change and Moving On ” can also be downloaded or purchased on CD.

The Wellness Revolution Telesummit

Holistic Medicine,
Chronic Illness and Wellness
Deep healing body and soul with your mind

It looks like the wellness revolution is happening at last, and I am honored to have been chosen to be one of the faculty of “The Wellness Revolution: New Paths to Healing”, a phenomenal FREE global telesummit event.  I’m hoping you will join us.

This web event is a gathering of 21 of the world’s leading doctors, healers and authors in the Complimentary and Integrative Medicine movement – the approach, as you may well know, that combines traditional western medicine with ancient wisdom healing practices to create powerful and new possibilities.

I will be appearing with these world-class healers and authors like Dr. Christiane Northrup, my long time friend Dr. Bernie Siegel, Caroline Myss (who first diagnosed me as a mystic) – as well as other remarkable and amazingly effective healers like such as Caroline Sutherland, Master Chunyi Lin, Dr. Alex Loyd.Dr. Naram and over a dozen others – 21 leading international doctors, researchers, authors and health practitioners in all.

Will you join us for these live interviews?  In the live question and answer period, you can ask your important questions about the new healing possibilities.  Register now, before all the available spaces are gone by clicking here to pick up your free passes:

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All of these visionary leaders have agreed to share the most important secrets they know about healing in the new paradigm and it’s all for free.  We are sharing everything with you because we believe it is urgent – and you probably feel it too.

Finally, in 2010, the world seems to be awakening to the message I have been promoting the last 4 decades – it is possible for us to use we can use our new understanding of how quantum energy, as theorized by Albert Einstein over 50 years ago, for healing and wellness actually operates in and through us. I guarantee suspect this will be an eye-opening and life-healing journey that you don’t want to miss.

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See on the calls,

Emmett Miller MD

Ask Dr. Miller: What is ‘Wellness’?

In our culture, we commonly think of ourselves as being “sick” or “healthy.” Generally, we define “sick” as having some sort of signs or symptoms of a disease (pain, swelling, fever, loss of function). We then tend to define health as simply being the absence of these signs and symptoms.

The concept of “wellness” recognizes that this is an inadequate way of looking at things. Wellness looks at the positive dimensions—a person moving toward wellness is gaining strength, reserve capacity, feels joy in life. Wellness indicates not only the presence of health, but also the ability to withstand the stresses that might otherwise lead to illness.

Ask Dr. Miller: How Important is Relaxation to the Healing Process?

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