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Healing Times Radio with Dr. Miller

First and Third Thursday of every month 11am-12pm PST and Rebroadcasting the following Monday at 1PM PST at OpenMindRadio.com

Upcoming Guests

Emmett Miller, MD is a physician, author, poet, musician, and master storyteller, whose multicultural heritage has given him a unique social, medical, and spiritual perspective. One of the pioneers of Mind/Body Medicine, HEALING TIMES RADIO with Dr. Emmett Miller explores Mind/Body Health and how to reclaim our inherent personal wisdom integrating scientific knowledge and techniques of modern medicine. Author of Deep Healing and Our Culture on the Couch, Seven Steps to Global Healing, Dr. Miller’s mission is to help us heal ourselves so that we can in turn, heal our planet.

November 6th & 7th

Saturday 9am – midnight

Sunday 9am – 5pm

Mission of LeaderShift:

To Awaken the Leader Within.

Leadership is a defining characteristic of any generation. Where it is created, innovation and change become real possibilities – and this November 6th & 7th at the Long Beach Convention Center we intend a groundbreaking experience which awakens the leader within.

We’re assembling leaders and visionaries, creating exhilarating panels from technology to social entrepreneurship to spirituality, arranging and hosting seminars and workshops with some of the great teachers of our time and celebrating this experience together with a  Saturday evening conscious music festival.

Join us for this bold new step into the future of leadership.