Networking Love – Guided Imagery & Meditation

The goal of this imagery experience is to stoke your imagination. Through meditative and visualization techniques it will guide you to discover what might happen if we (as a people) decided to put more Love into our networks (friends, family, community, workplace, etc…).

As discussed in the , networks are enormously important. They affect our health, our happiness, our prosperity, and as a whole, determine our collective future. Christakis summarizes this well in this TED talk


Do you need a Mental Reboot? What is a Mental Reboot?

More Free Guided Imagery and Meditations


A Warm Winter’s Meditation on Gratitude

For many of us, the world moves along so quickly, and the endless stream of appointments, phone calls, emails, and other Things That Need To Be Done Next continually distracts us from the all important step of positive feedback. The nature of our world is such that many decisions need to be made by the unconscious levels of the mind.

Unless we create a clear, compelling image of the way we want to be and the life we want to create, that part of us may head in the wrong direction. And with so many negative messages (eg, economic woes, climate change, illness, pollution, politics), it is easy to lose our way and succumb to the toxicity of stress and depression.

Actually, there are many more positives within than negatives, and here is a way to make these known to your faithful unconscious mind – to really assume leadership in your life – by touching the positive experiences of the recent past and connecting them to the deepest level of your being. In this way you are setting your compass – and empowering the behaviors and experiences you want more of in your life.

So find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for ten minutes and recharge!


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Do You Need a Mental Reboot – What is a Mental Reboot Anyhow? {podcast}

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At the behest of John Ehrlich I have created a new series, the Mental Reboot series. Just as you sometimes need to shut down your computer and restart in order to maintain speed and efficiency, it is wise to do this with your mental computer as well.

The mental reboot is brief, and by keeping a copy on your computer or ipod, you can often lift the fatigue, speed up your processing, increase creativity, and refocus your mind on what you want to deal with.

Here is a brief introduction to the Mental Reboot.

Free – Cancer Guided Imagery – A Mental Reboot

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In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month I have prepared this special free deep relaxation and guided imagery experience. I had the honor of co-founding the second cancer self-help center in the world, and the first that began to train interns. It’s hard to believe these days, where EVERY self respecting hospital, medical center, and clinic has patient self-help groups, that in 1977 there were NONE.

In those days patients could not utter the word “cancer” without trembling in fear, and physicians and families would often hide from people the fact that they had cancer.

We discovered that patients who visualized their white cells as aggressive, even vicious, attacking agents, and the cancer cells as being weak and confused had much more favorable outcomes. The imagery here is based on that which we used at the center, where i remained as medical director for 20 years.

This should be a welcome addition to the other CDs of imagery for cancer patients. I have recently published new CDs for those in chemo or radiation therapy .Feel free to forward to anyone with any kind of cancer, with my best wishes for complete healing.

Questions and Conversation: (at the bottom of this page)

Let me know what you think of this guided imagery experience.

What other Guided Imagery Experience do YOU want to hear? What would be most beneficial?

How are YOU using guided imagery in your healing?

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Below you will find two Podcasts for your listening pleasure! Free Guided Imagery and Meditations from

- The first is the Anti-Cancer Guided Imagery: Empowering Your Immune System

- The Second is general introduction to my Mental Reboot Series called What is a Mental Reboot?

A Compassion Meditation – Rebooting Compassion Podcast

Pema Chodrun pointed out the paradoxical truth that “Being able to tolerate a broken heart is the medicine for the pain of existence.” Yet, with all the images that will be flooding our tv and internet screens, it is wise to strike a balance. We will almost certainly be treated to 24 hours of a long string of secondary disasters ranging from starvation and water-borne epidemics to violence and even deeper poverty. So it is wise to make sure you don’t overdo it.

I have offered some suggestions in the Rebooting Compassion audio clip.  The key is to stay in touch with your heart, and your potential for the acceptance of the truth . . . as the Buddha pointed out, the cause of all suffering is wanting things to be different than they are, right now! This acceptance provides the inner peace that can allow us to see deeper, through the pain to the potential.

One sign that you may have the right balance when, in spite of the pain you feel by empathizing, there will arise a deep sense of connection to these people, an awareness of what you can do to help, and a greater understanding of what needs to be done in the world to prevent even more of these “Katrina-like” disasters.

“The evil in this world is not done only by those who commit it, but by those who stand back and watch it happening.”
–Albert Einstein

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Further explorations of the Principle of Compassion can be found in the following two articles by Dr. Miller:

•Why Bother Feeling Compassion? Compassion is Hard.

• Is God Punishing Haitians for the Sins of Their Ancestors?

Escape from Depression – Guided Imagery Meditation

This program may be helpful, even crucial, during the most stressful time of the year.

Description of Escape From Depression:

Escape From Depression weaves vital information based on clinical experience and the latest neuropsychiatric research with powerful self-healing tools like cognitive-behavioral self-therapy, meditation, deep relaxation, self-imagery, self-hypnosis, autogenic training, and prayer.

This program consists of 2 discs; CD 1 offers a new perspective on the mechanism of depression, delivered in the form of a Heart to Heart talk. In it, Dr. Miller explains depression as the state of being cut off from your spirit or heart, what has meaning for you. It is a kind of learned helplessness, based on a belief in loss and a failure to grieve properly. But because it is learned, depression can be unlearned. You can change your thinking by coming into the present.

Visit to view Escape From Depression online!

Healing Our Planet – A Heart to Heart Talk

As my gift to you, I wanted to offer a download of clip from one of my most recent title s, Healing Our Planet

Description of Healing Our Planet:

Discover how you can make a difference through passion, compassion and love. In your heart is the future of our planet; learn how to empower your mental imagery to serve your most deeply held values. Experience the wisdom of the ages wedded to cutting-edge mind-body and peak performance technology.

Relax and enjoy the uniquely beautiful voice of Dr. Miller. One of the fathers of Holistic Healing, Dr. Miller introduced the world to the power of creative visualization, and the use of meditation cassettes and CD’s. The future is not somewhere we’re going, it’s a place we’re creating, in each moment, with each thought, with each image. Here’s how to intentionally choose to transform the world the way you want.

Track 1 Introduction :58

Are you ready to begin to awaken a powerful inner part of yourself, and engage it in helping to create the kind of world you want to live in? If so, continue listening to Track 2 after this brief introduction. If not, skip forward to Track 4.

Track 2 Your Deeper Mission

In a democracy, the way to keep people enslaved is to keep them ignorant of their inner power. On this track you will first learn to quiet mind chatter and distractions and gain access to the vast resources within – your love, your faith, your skills and talents. At your special inner place you will contact your inner wisdom and spiritual guidance. Listen to this side by itself to get in touch once again with the truth of who you are, or continue on with Track 3. Use daily, or as often as you like.

Track 3 Global peace Meditation  20:38

Opens with a Native American Prayer for “All My Relations,” then recalls your inner truth – your purpose and values, your resources and spirituality. Next you will apply the Master Skill, creative visualization, to create the world your heart longs to see, and empower it with your love, compassion, and enthusiasm. Add your voice to the growing chorus of hearts who are creating our shared future. Listen alone, or with others, for more power, daily or as frequently as desired.

Track 4 Creating World peace- a heart to heart talk 34:03

How can we do it? Here is Dr. Miller’s incredible answer! Discover how denial and “victim consciousness” have combined to produce a near fatal global disease. Learn the secret to global healing as passed down through  the ages, and how it has been hidden by rulers to keep themselves in power.  Gandhi said it more succinctly—“Think globally, act locally.” Your most powerful ally is the part of your adversary that knows what is right, what is good, what is Love. Here is the rationale for the wise use of imagination, and how it can create global change.

Visit to view Healing Our Planet online!

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