What is Ask Dr. Miller?

Welcome to “Ask Dr. Miller”.  I am here to answer your questions about Deep Healing and Mind/Body Medicine. In a world besieged by specialists, my goal has been to address that little something that has disappeared from most specialties—the patient!  Send in your questions to [email protected] and I will answer your questions and they may appear on my YouTube.com channel or as a Free Podcast.  All personal information will be kept confidential.


One Response to “What is Ask Dr. Miller?”
  1. I live in Cape TOwn, South Africa and am absolutely desparate to get a copy of your audio CD – Healing Journey and have contacted about 11 stores here locally and no-one can help me. I wanted to order it on the internet but the option was only open to people residing in USA.

    Can you help me and guide me on how to go about obtaining a copy I can transfer the funds via my bank.

    Please please please I had a copy and have lost it and cannot be without that CD.


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