Ask Dr. Miller: What does it mean to ‘Heal the System’?

Deep Healing emphasizes the systemic nature of healing. If a man strikes his wife, opening a large cut in her head, a few stitches and a little time will result in the closing of that wound—and there’s been some healing, but not a complete healing. More would be necessary to heal the trauma to the woman’s emotion. And, what about the man? He is not healthy; he is ill, as indicated by his dysfunctional behavior, and he needs healing work. Neither can heal alone, and come to a healthy balance. And then, the healing of the relationship is another thing.

Another example—a man is bleeding from the mouth. Only a fool would imagine that stuffing cotton balls in his mouth and bandaging it would solve the problem. Instead, he goes to the hospital, where an x-ray shows that he is bleeding from an ulcer in his stomach. We have a tendency to think of the ulcer as the disease, and might attempt to cure it by surgically removing it.

On the other hand we might take a history from the man and find out that each day he takes a dozen aspirin and drinks a fifth of Vodka. Suddenly we see that the ulcer was but a symptom, and although the surgery cures the ulcer, healing has not taken place and he will likely be back within the year with another ulcer. His behavior is the source of the symptom, and it might be wise to treat his behavior, not just his stomach.

Then we might ask why he is consuming these highly irritating substances—and learn that he feels great guilt for having been disloyal in an important relationship, that he drinks to relieve his inner pain and takes aspirin to relieve his hangover. If our treatment aims to help him learn a better way to deal with his inner conflicts, our healing is even deeper, as we aim ever closer to the source of his problems, which clearly extend to many levels of his system, not just the upper GI bleeding.

On the external level there are those relationships that need healing—our primary relationships, family relationships, and our relationships in our community or work place. In addition to these relationships, deserving as they are to be healed and brought to high levels of performance, we also know that our individual health cannot be maximized in the absence of healthy relationships. In fact, experiments have shown that a person’s health or disease is directly related to the quality of his/her relationships!

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