How to Heal Yourself

How to Heal Yourself

Self-Healing is achieved through understanding, experience, and the skillful application of specific processes and techniques such as—deep relaxation, imagery, emotional accessing and rescripting.

Deep relaxation promotes rapid healing, works in combination with every treatment modality, prevents recurrences and permits to permanent healing.

Physical tension and mental/emotional stress produce disordered (incoherent) neural impulses in the nerves and circulating stress chemicals in the body that cause:

  • Inflammation, (tendonitis, arthritis, GI problems)
  • Muscle pain and dysfunction, ( backache and headache , muscle tension, elevated blood pressure , colonic disorders)
  • Emotional imbalance , (anxiety, irritability, anger, depression, unhappiness)
  • Mental dysfunction, (low creativity, insomnia , procrastination, attention deficit)
  • Behavioral disorders, (drinking, smoking, eating)

Most imbalances and disorders, be they illnesses, dysfunctions, symptoms, or diseases, are either caused, or made worse, by physical tension and mental/emotional stress . Relaxation allows the mind to increase the speed and depth of the healing.

  • Guided Imagery is also used. Healing imagery is held in the mind, while in this receptive Healing State , allowing you to “reprogram” your mind and brain to restore internal coherence and balance, and thus to help heal at the level of body, emotion, mind and behavior.
  • Rescripting involves mentally rehearsing desired behaviors of mind and body, much as athletes or actors mentally rehearse their performances. These new behaviors may have to do with how the internal organs of your body operate, how you talk to yourself, your personal habits, how you interact with others, etc. Diet, exercise, rest, prayer, meditation, and other modalities of rebalancing the system may be needed, but all these require us to change our mental behavior in order to apply them. Thus, the mind-body aspect is always primary in healing.

The Six Steps of Self-Healing

Education— Obtain as much accurate information as possible about health and healing. Learn as well about your constitution and about your condition, its symptoms, etiology, and therapy, including the role of stress, diet, emotions and exercise. Learn about the different options for treating your condition.

Relaxing Deeply— Relaxation is essential for rapid healing because it is the direct antidote to stress. In addition, relaxation empties your mind of distractions, and thus allows you to self-program new, more desirable, healing behaviors—both at the visible, (macroscopic) level, and the microscopic behavior of the cells of your body. Deep relaxation is also the key to programming mind and body for peak performance in any endeavor—sports, profession, or personal life (yes, even sexual ).

Entering “The Healing State”— in which the mind is open to rescripting, and the body is accepting of healthy images and emotions. Dr. Miller’s CDs and .MP3 downloads teach you to do this through simple, logical, straightforward, and highly enjoyable guided imagery experiences. The experience and your ability to use the Healing State becomes progressively more powerful with a few minutes a day of pleasurable practice.

Forming Powerful, Transformative, Healing Images— Intentional mental imagery through Selective Awareness— Software For The Mind —allows you to make a commitment to healing, directly influence the behavior of the cells of your body (e.g., the immune system), initiate and sustain health-producing behaviors , (exercising, diet, non-abuse of alcohol or drugs , quitting smoking ), and produce a health-sustaining self-image. This inner image serves to change the behavior at every level of system.

Rehearsing These Images Daily— Reprogramming the mind is actually retraining the mind. Just as you might practice musical scales or typing in order to improve, the regular practice of imagery trains the brain, nervous system, and immune system to easily carry out the desired changes.

Reinforcing Positive Changes— Reward your mind for responding to your entreaties, so that the new behaviors persist.