Glossary of Terms

If you would discourse with me, first define your terms —Aristotle.

Dr. Miller’s work was revolutionary in the ‘60s and ‘70s, and continues to be revolutionary. Some of the ideas are simple and straightforward and easy to understand, whereas others require some deeper thought. offers not merely a simple way to treat symptoms, but a body of truly profound knowledge and wisdom that invites us to discover nothing less than a new paradigm, a new way of thinking that leads to deep healing, personal empowerment, peak performance, and global transformation.

For the sake of brevity, a very economical writing style is used, and if a sentence or paragraph seems difficult to understand, try re-reading it a couple of times. With the definition of most words and terms in general usage, such as the meaning of the word “physical, “muscle” or “infection,” the normal definition applies and there should be no difficulty. In other cases, however, Dr. Miller has taken common words (such as “love” and “healing”) that are often misunderstood and misused, and defined them more precisely. Sometimes phrases composed of familiar words are used, yet the meaning intended may not be the first one that comes to your mind—as in “deep healing”, “peak performance”, “spiritual growth”.

Dr. Miller values a rational and logical approach, and what he writes and speaks about is based on sound knowledge and wisdom, drawn from many years of experience, research, and careful thought. Thus, if what you read sounds trivial, contradictory or illogical, we ask that you take time to re-read and check definitions. Only in this way will you be able to comprehend the power, immediacy and elegance of Dr. Miller’s principles, theories and practice.

List of Terms and Concepts
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The Deeper Mind
The Healing State
The Systems Approach
Healing the System
Selective Awareness
Guided Imagery, Imagery
Deep Relaxation
Movement and music therapy
Cognitive behavioral
Self-affirmation techniques
Deep Healing
Peak Performance
Wise Guidance
Emotional Accessing
Network of Trust
Physical Healing