Mission and Vision

The Mission of Dr. Miller is to provide:

Information: A trusted source of knowledge, wisdom, and quality self-healing tools and products, developed by Dr. Miller through more than 30 years of innovation and practice in the art and science of Mind/Body healing.

A tiny bit of information can be incredibly important—like knowing which way to turn your wheels if you begin to skid on icy asphalt. Or knowing the combination to a safe. Or the relaxation procedure that is the direct antidote to stress. Information can save your life or make it immensely better.

Only some information is knowledge, however, and only some knowledge is wisdom. On DrMiller.com you will find information that is not only intellectually and scientifically sound, but also experientially effective. Our goal is to bring you wise guidance and the direct experience of healing and peak performance.

This information is intended to help you utilize your inner resources to maximize your health and performance, not as a substitute for needed medical, psychological or psychiatric treatment or counseling. If you are undergoing therapy, it is recommended that you consult with your health professional before using these materials.

Inspiration: The information, experiences and products on DrMiller.com give you access to your inner resources and guidance in accessing your vast inner potential to heal, create, succeed, enjoy, and perform at your optimum level on the path to your highest aspirations. Here you will find powerful techniques for healing mind, body, emotion, and spirit, which will empower and inspire the achievement of your true heart’s desire.

The natural state of every human being is joyful, curious, creative, and enthusiastic. Such qualities are a direct reflection of our inner spirit, the Life Force. The luxuriant abundance of living things on this planet attests to the power of this force. But when this inner light is dimmed, our natural creativity, ebullience, and loving nature diminish, and instead, depression, anxiety, and rage result.

To be inspired is to breathe this spirit into your body, mind, emotions and performance. This requires emptying yourself of excess tension and negativity, then gaining access to your deepest essence. “Nothing great,” Emerson tells us, “was ever accomplished without enthusiasm.” Whether your goal is to heal yourself or your relationships, or to find and follow your unique path in life, inspiration is crucial to your success.

Transformation: An introduction to deep healing, which is a form of transformation. By promoting healing at all levels, from the personal to the planetary, DrMiller.com offers exciting new ideas for extending compassionate healing to relationship, family, community, and humankind, as well as to yourself.

When the caterpillar grows fatter by eating more, that’s not transformation, it’s merely translation. But when, within it’s cocoon, it metamorphoses to a butterfly, transformation has occurred. Being promoted from the mailroom to the stock room is not transformation—although it’s a promotion. To become a vice president or a best selling author, this is transformation.

To have a little less pain or a little less anxiety is good, but a true healing involves transformation, going beyond pain-free to vital and healthy—beyond anxious to safe, strong, enthusiastic, and joyful. On DrMiller.com you will find Software for the Mind® that is not only effective for helping you relieve symptoms, but also in producing Deep Healing, Self-esteem and life transformation.

The Vision of DrMiller.com

In these stormy times, when our technology, our global systems, and our insecurity appear to be spinning out of control, each of us faces the enormous challenge of finding meaning, strength and hope in our lives. The products of our own ingenuity have turned against us, on both the personal and the social level. As we attempt to navigate through these turbulent waters, we find ourselves confronting urgent questions that demand workable solutions:

  • How can I heal my body, mind, spirit and emotions and enrich the quality of my life?
  • What is my purpose in life? How can I create a vision for my life that reflects it and maximize my performance to achieve it?
  • Can I harness the energy of stress and redirect it to create health, sanity and enthusiasm?
  • How can I develop healthy Self-esteem and create joyful, loving, productive relationships with family, friends, and co-workers?
  • How can I contribute to the healing of my family, community and planet?

Through more than three decades of addressing such challenges with his patients, clients, students and audiences, Dr. Miller has come to believe strongly that there are positive answers to questions such as these. He has developed powerful strategies and tools that enable people to find those answers for themselves. Each of Dr. Miller’s presentations, whether a CD, .MP3 or video program, a book or a live seminar, reflects his remarkable visionary approach to health and human potential, and his commitment to helping you find your path to a healthy, fulfilling life.

The leading edge of his vision is represented by LIGHT (the Leadership Institute for Global Healing and Transformation) . Just as an individual can find inner wisdom and inspiration to create deep healing and peak performance, so can a family, community or corporation. His ultimate vision involves the wise and compassionate use of information technology, such as the Internet, to create healing at the global level, a healing that includes all of humanity and its environment.

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