Earlier this week I had the pleasure of speaking with Michael Stone on his radio show Conversations on KVMR.org August 25, 2009 about my new book Our Culture On The Couch – Seven Steps to Global Healing .

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CONVERSATIONS , a radio show hosted by Michael Stone, brings you leading edge thinkers in the areas of Environmental Restoration, Social Justice and Spiritual fulfillment. We look for positive solutions to local and global issues that leave you touched, moved and inspired to action. Our weekly guests include local and global experts and concerned citizens working together to heal the wounds that separate, alienate and marginalize people…

Conversations has a two-fold mission:
1. To inform, inspire and activate a new story of peace, equality and right action towards all life.
2. To provide a platform for todays leading edge thinkers in the area of Environmental Restoration, Social Justice, Conscious
Evolution and Spiritual Fulfillment.

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Imagine taking one step forward and entering into a new world, one where there is congruity between what you most deeply want and the actions you take on a daily basis. This program is your ticket to that new world.

In today’s world, we have become aware that is time for a new kind of leadership – in our families, communities, government, and globally – as well as in our individual lives. Face the facts: we have been misled – by our misinformed parents, our under-funded schools, our immoral society, and our Self-serving media. As the old proverb goes, “if we don’t change our direction, we’ll end up where we’re headed.”

It is time to stop hoping that some specially anointed person is going to take over and make everything better. It is time for you and me to become the leaders we have been waiting for, and to guide our selves and our world more intelligently, more wisely, and more compassionately. It’s time to stop playing victim – it’s time to foment a revolution and seize control of your life and your world.

Purpose of Awakening the Leader Within CD:

As you use this program you will begin to realize that within you is the power and the desire to become the leader in your life – to change the way you think, the way you feel, and the way you behave, including:
•    your personal health habits
•    how you manage your relationships
•    how you participate in your family, your community, and in your world at large.

You will learn ways to :
•    stop fearing your power, and stop giving it to others
•    find your wise inner leader
•    recognize and appreciate your gifts, talents and skills
•    act with courage and inspiration in the service of your deeper values
•    lead yourself and your world to success and sustainability.

Track Information:

Track 1: How to Awaken and Empower Your Inner Leader
Who are you, and why are you here? This Heart-to-Heart talk will explore the basic concepts of wise leadership, and why it is time to throw off the limitations of your past programming and gain access to your inner gifts. Discover how you have been misled, manipulated and lied to by a world that long ago lost its moral compass – how you have been denied that information and guidance that would allow you to free yourself and your world from this tyranny. This is a DRIVETIME program, so you can listen while you drive or engage in other activities.

Track 2:
Unlocking the Power of Now
Learn to hear your inner voice of wisdom over the cacophony of demands placed on you by today’s overstressed world. Few of us live in monasteries or in a cabin in the woods. High-stress environments, anxieties, addictions, guilt, and shame constantly pressure us, creating anxiety, anger and despair. With this soothing deep relaxation and imagery, you will create silence and stillness, come into the present moment, and enter a meditative state. Freed from the incessant chatter that usually drowns out the voice of wisdom and spirit deep within you, you will open yourself to the wise leader within. Become the low stress, high creativity leader you know you can be.

Track 3: Touching Wisdom
After quieting the inner noise of your mind, you will:
•    find your special place within
•    meet with your wise inner guide via your imagination and deeper spiritual beliefs
•    develop full awareness of your special gifts, talents and resources.
You owe it to yourself! There is a deep reservoir of love within you, and there you will find the answers to the most important questions of your life. Gradually you will become aware of the fact that you have a duty to the deepest part of yourself, and that true happiness and success can be achieved only by committing yourself to this life project.

Track 4: Leading the Way to Your Goal
Now, learn the “Master Skill,” mental image rehearsal, and lead your unconscious mind, your emotions, your thoughts words and deeds in the direction of your heart’s desire. Deep relaxation and guided imagery of a most enjoyable variety. Focus your energy on the visions and goals you want to achieve. Already have a goal in mind? Enlist the potential of your brain and nervous system to achieve your vision. Or let your inner wisdom share in what or where it would be most beneficial to invest your personal power. Then look within to find the courage and fortitude to go for your goal.

Track 5: Feedback, Breakfast of Champions
One of the greatest causes of failure is the ineffective and harmful use of feedback, especially negative feedback. Here you will learn what champions know, you will discover how to create success out of failures. It is amazingly easy! Use this brief process on a regular basis to keep yourself on track. It will show you how to reinforce positive experiences and reprogram negative ones.
This program helps you to:

•    Lead yourself and your world to health, success, joy, and peace.
•    Awaken your inner potential to guide your life in harmony with your deeper values.
•    Discover the role of love, love of yourself and love of the collective of which we are all a part.
•    Prepare yourself for the new, distributed leadership, where each of us has an important role to play . . . especially you!
•    Evolve a compelling vision for your life, and commit yourself to it.
•    Discover that the leader you need – that we all need – is within you!
•    Quiet your mind-chatter, focus your attention, and access your wise inner guide.
•    Learn to visualize success and to use both positive and negative feedback to your advantage.

CLICK on the link below to listen to an 8min relaxation experience from this CD!

Case History: Marvin the Miserable Dentist

Soon after beginning his dental practice ten years ago, Marvin found himself plagued by recurrent viral infections of his upper respiratory tract. In spite of taking flu shots every year, swallowing lots of vitamin C, eating well, sleeping at least eight hours a night, and maintaining a vigorous exercise program, he still got sick. His illnesses usually lasted about a week. During this time he was unable to come to the office to see his dental patients.

Marvin seemed to get the flu or bad cold any season of the year, missing three or four weeks of work annually. As a result, he was never able to take enough time off for a real vacation. When he met with me he was eager to try a mind/body approach.

I decided to explore the historical roots of his problem. I reasoned that if the deeper mind was involved, we might discover the trigger causing his mind to weaken his immune system. If we could identify that trigger, then maybe Marvin could train his deeper mind to a new kind of response-one that fought off these infections rather than inviting them in.

After Marvin entered the deeply relaxed state, he went back in his memory to the time just before his last flu onset. He was able to identify the feeling of being overwhelmed with work and responsibility as a precursor to his illness.

I then suggested that his deeper mind might guide him back to just before the first time in his life that he experienced this association between feeling overwhelmed and the onset of viral infection. He went back to a memory of being ten years old. It was early in the morning, and he was just waking up. It was a school morning, but this one was different. Ordinarily he liked school and was eager to get to his classes. But on this day, his usual enthusiasm was missing because he felt unprepared.

Marvin had always been a good student. He’d always gotten the highest grades in spelling. But this time, prior to a spelling test, he had failed to study his words. Instead, he had played cards with a friend late into the night. That morning, he knew he wasn’t prepared for the test. His first thought upon awakening was, “Oh, no! I’m going to fail the spelling test, and I’m going to disappoint my parents! The teacher will be upset with me, and my friends will tease me. I wish I didn’t have to go to school today.”

He felt a sinking feeling in his stomach, his heart was pounding, and he felt hot all over. At that moment, his bedroom door opened, and his mother came in to tell him it was time to get up. But on this particular morning, much to his surprise, she stopped in the middle of the room, stared down at him, and shook her head.

“Well, there’s no school for you today!” she said.

She took a mirror from his bureau and held it up to his face. It was covered with little red dots. Measles, he had measles! But Marvin barely heard her. All he knew was that he was safe. He would have another chance to study his words, and no one would laugh at him. He felt a tremendous sense of relief.

As he reviewed his memories, Marvin’s recurring infections suddenly made sense to him. His body had learned that if it was feeling overwhelmed, it could get relief by permitting an infection. Marvin’s nervous system had inadvertently learned to inhibit his immune system. What had begun as a very effective defense mechanism had turned into a nightmare over which he had no control.

(By allowing himself to cancel appointments whenever he felt pressured by work, Marvin learned to stop his self-destructive pattern almost immediately. During the following year, Marvin did not have a single viral infection and enjoyed several weeks of vacation as well.)

Air Date: August 6, 2009

Reinette was born in San Francisco on April 10, 1966. She moved up to Nevada County in 1971 as a small child and has had the great fortune of living most of her life in Nevada County, graduating from Nevada Union High School in 1984.

In 1989 Reinette trained with the International South Pole Expedition and continued her pursuit of extreme cold adventures in the early nineties by founding and organizing the American Women’s Trans-Antarctic Expedition. Though Reinette did not participate on the actual expedition, the team of five women successfully reached the South Pole in 1993 becoming the first all-women team to do so.

In preparation for her largest endeavor, Reinette did commercial fishing in the Alaskan Gulf as well as training Iditarod sled dogs before embarking on her most grueling adventure, a solo winter crossing of Alaska. It was in 1994 when Reinette became the first woman to cross Alaska alone while filming the endeavor, herself, for National Geographic. Highlights of this trek include cross-country skiing 600 miles down the frozen Yukon River pulling a 160 lb sled in -55F temperature, building a canoe in an Athabascan native village and paddling 900 miles after spring break-up. She completed her 1,500-mile journey in 4 months and 6 days.

Reinette has traveled throughout 50 countries, summiting various mountains along the way such as Mt Rainier, Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. McKinley. Other previous pursuits include back packing around the world for 14 months on ten dollars a day, trekking across East Africa alone where she traveled for a month without money and most recently volunteering twice in the Hurricane Katrina area; rebuilding and animal rescue. Reinette returned to Nevada City in 2005 after studying and working as a film maker in Los Angeles for 8 years.

For the past twenty years Reinette has been a motivational speaker for many schools and groups throughout the west coast. Reinette is one of the founders of APPLE (Alliance for a Post-Petroleum Local Economy) dedicated to educating the community on the effects of oil depletion/global warming and the benefits of strong, local economy. Currently Reinette has co-founded a non-profit organization called PowerUp-NC with Kelly Casterson dedicated to finding energy efficient programs and incentives for Nevada City and other rural communities.

Last year Reinette and another gang of awesome community members started the
charming Nevada City Farmers Market of which she was the market manager. Currently Reinette is the Mayor of Nevada City and is passionately working on a downtown Nevada City Community Garden.

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Two of the most powerful emotions we can feel are love and anger, and they have a powerful effect on our health. Cultivating a love of life leads to the optimum state of health. Awakening the self-healer within depends on loving yourself, others, and the universe. Anger has a more complex role. I have found in my work that people with (certain) immune system dysfunctions often have difficulty with expressions of anger. If we are to get the most from the deep healing process, we need to get to know anger a little better, where it comes from, what it really means, and what we can do to express it in healthy ways.

If you do not find ways to safely experience your anger or assertiveness, you may fear it or suppress it. This sets the stage for many physiological imbalances, some of which may affect your immune system.

Since anger is, in many ways, an antidote to helplessness for some people, could the inability to express anger appropriately be at the root of many immune dysfunctions? Could the presence of self-anger trigger the immune system’s “friendly fire” in a person who was genetically predisposed? Or could unexpressed anger towards another trigger an allergy?

Could the inability to develop the awareness of anger leave our bodies open to invasion from the outside (infection) or from the inside (cancer)? These and other questions await to be answered by science, but perhaps you can determine them for yourself by a little experimentation with deep relaxation and visualization.
Try this exercise from Deep Healing: The Essence of Mind/Body Medicine

Imagine that you can go within your body and look at the organs and cells involved. (You may want to consult a physiology book that has clear pictures to help you with this.)

Visualization: Imagine traveling within your body, or having x-ray vision that allows you to see any areas of your body that you wish to heal. Now, envision the natural healing forces of your body in any way that they appear to you. For example, you might create images of anatomically correct immune cells, or you might imagine a posse of white horses charging in to surround and annihilate a viral or bacterial infection, or perhaps a cancer. Some people imagine dozens of superheroes swooping down to knock out offending cells or microorganisms. The important thing is that you choose an image that works for you.

Now visualize your healing forces bringing about the transformation to health that is needed by your body at this time. The effect is not instantaneous, like a pill, it is cumulative, creating the healthy state gradually and gently over a period of days, weeks, or even months. Make this exercise a regular part of your daily life, and you will be surprised by the results.