Overture To A Paradigm Shift

Nov. 4 was a singular event for our planet. Like many tragic events before it – the assassination of President Kennedy, the death of Princess Diana, Sept. 11– the election of Barack Obama to the presidency sparked a global emotional response that demonstrates that our borders are also porous to the spirit. The spirit of which I speak is the collective yearning of that worldwide group of human beings that truly desires, in its deepest heart of hearts, that our world become a place where everyone can live and be happy.

And what is happiness? I can think of no greater happiness than knowing that all your family is safe, warm, and well-fed. No lavish dinner or fabulous vacation feels that good. So for our world to be happy, we would need to create it with that vision in mind – that every person goes to bed each night knowing his or her family is being taken care of. And although this is strikingly unlike the way the world has been functioning up until now, we are at a most incredible point in history – a point at which we actually have the power to jump to such a radically different state.

Right now, with the events of recent months, culminating in the incredible worldwide spectacle ignited by Obama’s election, I believe we are witnessing the overture to a paradigm shift. That shift is, essentially, from thinking according to a Black-White, Us-Them paradigm of duality, polarity, and dispersion, to a paradigm that thinks Both–And, and We, and that sees a continuum of grays, and a spectrum of colors stretching between Black and White.

This New Paradigm, as I have come to call it, seeks higher order wholes (holons), and shifts our thinking away from the competitiveness and drive to dominate that has dominated much of our past evolution. Instead, it enables us to discover ways to cooperate, to seek “Win-Win” solutions, and to evoke the spirit of community and cooperativeness. The force that is responsible for enabling families to support and sustain each other, that holds the cells of the body together in harmony, that binds together the molecules of DNA on the chromosome strand, is now emerging in the field of human consciousness.

This overture has been extraordinary by all measures – awe-inspiring indeed – yet the full symphony will not be played unless all the musicians can show up, take their places, tune up, all start together, and stay in time and in tune. People from all walks of life are being called to a similar awareness: that in order to survive this surreal global economic meltdown, and the other disasters that loom in our collective future, we must change our way of thinking. Perhaps Albert Einstein’s admonition, that no problem is ever solved by thinking at the same level as that which created it, has never been so clearly demonstrated – globally.

Now is the time for each of us to become more centered, more aware of our true purpose and value, and to choose the part we want to play in this unfolding drama. If enough of us make that choice, and if we will coordinate our efforts, we can definitely decide the outcome of this global struggle playing out nightly on our Hi Def TV sets. It is time to put away childish things – no one is going to do this for us – the choice is yours and mine.

Next I will explore some of the practical ways this can be accomplished