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What is Ask Dr. Miller?

Welcome to “Ask Dr. Miller”.  I am here to answer your questions about...

Ask Dr. Miller: What does it mean to ‘Heal the System’?

Deep Healing emphasizes the systemic nature of healing. If a man strikes his wife,...

Ask Dr. Miller: Why Balance Emotions?

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Ask Dr. Miller: Dealing with Stress in the World Today

What is the difference between type 1 and type 2 stress?  In this podcast I explain...

Ask Dr. Miller: What is Cognitive Dissonance, Stress and Negative Programming?

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Health and Wellness

Mind, Medicine, Miracles and The Bernie Siegel Touch

For our next show we are happy to present one of the true giants in the field of...

Healing Through Gardening

One excellent way to “Think Globally, Act Locally” is through the remarkable...

Stop Worrying Now . . . Here’s How!

Do you sometimes have trouble turning your mind off at the end of a stressful day? Can...

Conversations Skills and Tips – How to Navigate Difficult Conversations

While your attention is focused on the new year (reflecting on and reaffirming positive...

As we are all aware, the winter months and holiday activities are a time of happiness...

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Healing Times Radio

Mind, Medicine, Miracles and The Bernie Siegel Touch

For our next show we are happy to present one of the true giants in the field of patient-centered medicine, self-healing, Dr. Bernie Siegel. Bernie, the author of numerous bestsellers including the groundbreaking 1986 book Love Medicine and Miracles, will explore some of his personal history, and what attracted him to the practice of Mind-Body Medicine. Listen... [Read more of this review]

Welcome to Healing Times Radio

• Healing Times Radio airs the 1st Thursday of each month, 11am-12pm and is rebroadcast on the 3rd Thursday 12pm-1p at • Listen to Archives of past Healing Times Radio Conversations • Listen or subscribe to Healing Times Radio in iTunes! • Subscribe to Healing Times Radio and make sure you don’t miss another show! ... [Read more of this review]

Our guest this month is Professor Martin Rossman, whose work has paralleled mine for several decades, during which time we have been colleagues and friends. There seems to be so much to worry about these days – from global warming and peak oil to our children’s schools, our jobs, and even whether the food we eat has been contaminated – it...

You Are What You Eat . . . And Think: A Conversation with Terry and Joe Graedon (of The People’s Pharmacy)

Listen to our conversation at the end of this post! If you’re interested in maintaining your health and preventing illness, then you owe it to yourself to check out the work of Joe and Terry Graedon. Joe was trained as a pharmacologist at the University of Michigan, Theresa’s PhD is in Anthropology. Joe and Terry published their first book,... [Read more of this review]

Getting the Most From Social Networks: Listen to this conversation with Dr. Nicholas A. Christakis on Healing Times Radio

Listen to the conversation at the end of this post! I am pleased to welcome Nicholas A. Christakis, MD, PhD, MPH, is an internist and social scientist who conducts research on social factors that affect health, health care, and longevity. He is Professor of Medical Sociology in the Department of Health Care Policy at Harvard Medical School; Professor... [Read more of this review]

Healing Depression and PTSD: Dr. James Gordon on Healing Times Radio

Listen to this conversation at the end of this post! Dr. Gordon is a physician who, like Dr. Miller, while in medical school, became interested in a different approach to medicine, one which honored the potential for self healing and self help in medicine. He trained in Psychiatry, then went on to found, in 1991, the Center for Mind Body Medicine.... [Read more of this review]

The Activist Heart: A Portriat of Ocean Robbins co-founder of Youth for Environmental Sanity (YES!)

In this broadcast of Healing Times Radio I am pleased to introduce you to one of the folks whose work is making a real difference in the world, and who is dedicated to helping others discover how they can make a difference as well. In a world where the new mantra seems to be “we’re all screwed now,” such voices as those of Ocean Robbins are sorely... [Read more of this review]

Conversations that Matter – Dr. Miller and Juanita Brown on Healing Times Radio

Listen to this interview at the end of this article. As you probably know from my recent book, Our Culture On The Couch – Seven Steps to Global Healing, I believe the only way out of our current mess is for us to stop being controlled by our world, but to bring forth the leadership potential within each of us. So, this month we will... [Read more of this review]

Healing Times Radio Archives: What is Verbal First Aid?

Verbal First Aid – The Power of Words, Images, and Stories to Help and Heal Airdate: July 1, 2010 11am-12pm (PST) at You will be fascinated and entertained as Dr. Prager and I explore the power of words to impact beliefs and engender healing. Learn about the power we all have within to transform not only our own lives but the lives... [Read more of this review]

Air date: June 3, 2010 On June 3rd I will be interviewing Dr. Charlotte Reznick who has dedicated her life to helping children, adolescents, parents, and professionals. She is a nationally recognized child and educational Psychologist and Associate Clinical Professor of Psychology at UCLA. Upon earning her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the...

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